UWC comprises schools and colleges in 17 countries on 5 continents and UWC Committees and selection contacts in more than 15. The UWC movement also consists of more than 60,000 alumni and other members in virtually every country in the world. The international scope of the UWC movement is truly global.5 countries.

UWC International is governed by the International Board and UWC Council.

The executive arm of the International Board is the International Office based in London.

UWC International Board

UWC is governed by a board of up to 16 directors who help ensure we deliver the very best education for children and young people by being as efficient as possible.

Our international board has executive responsibility for governance of UWC and meets four times a year. Its members are the directors and trustees of UWC International, and are elected by the UWC Council.

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The board:

  • Define the ethos and strategic development of UWC
  • Oversee UWC schools and colleges and national committees
  • Coordinate UWC’s global profile and communications
  • Approve the functions and operations of the UWC International Office.

UWC International Board Members

  • Ms. Veronika Zonabend
    Ms. Veronika Zonabend
  • Mr Ulhas N. Yargop, UWC Mahindra Board
    Mr Ulhas N. Yargop, UWC Mahindra Board
    UWC Mahindra Board
  • Mr Wayne Yang
    Mr Wayne Yang
  • Ms Tove Veierød
    Ms Tove Veierød
    UWC International Board
  • Mr Marco Provencio (UWC Atlantic College)
    Mr Marco Provencio (UWC Atlantic College)
    UWC International Board
  • Ms Nandita Parshad
    Ms Nandita Parshad
    UWC International Board
  • Dr Axel Kravatzky (UWC-USA)
    Dr Axel Kravatzky (UWC-USA)
    UWC International Board
  • Ms Ines Kavamura
    Ms Ines Kavamura
    UWC International Board
  • Ms Sunita Gomes
    Ms Sunita Gomes
    Senior Director – Commercial
  • Mr. Chris Edwards
    Mr. Chris Edwards
    UWC International Board
  • Mr. Arnett Edwards
    Mr. Arnett Edwards
    UWC International Board
  • Ms Colleen von Eckartsberg (UWC-USA)
    Ms Colleen von Eckartsberg (UWC-USA)
    Chair - UWC International Development Committee
  • Mr Paul Brynsrud (UWC Atlantic College)
    Mr Paul Brynsrud (UWC Atlantic College)
    Senior Partner and Chairman
  • Jill Longson (UWC Atlantic College, 1979-1981)
    Jill Longson (UWC Atlantic College, 1979-1981)
    Vice Chair of UWC International
  • Sir John  Daniel, O.C.
    Sir John Daniel, O.C.
    Chair UWC International Board and UWC Council

The International Office is the secretariat for the UWC movement and is based in London, UK.

The UWC International Office is the executive arm of the UWC International Board of Directors. It is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee. There are currently 16 staff who cover a secretariat function, including policy and strategic development, communications, fundraising, national committee development and administrative and support functions.

UWC International staff members

Executive Team

Jens Waltermann
Executive Director,
UWC International

“Together they will learn not only that they can excel, in any field they choose, but also that they can become community leaders and help to find solutions to some of the world’s most intractable problems”

Jens Waltermann is the Executive Director of UWC (United World Colleges) International since 2015. His prior engagement with UWC includes work with the German National Committee for UWC since 2006 where he served as of the board from 2008 to 2015. Throughout his service with the committee he has been closely involved with the creation of UWC Robert Bosch College in Freiburg, Germany, which opened in 2014.

Jens is an alumnus of UWC Pearson College in Canada. He trained as a lawyer in Germany and graduated with a Masters of Public Administration from Harvard University. His career includes positions in international commercial arbitration, senior roles in the German policy think tank the Bertelsmann Foundation, and managing as a senior partner the growth of Solon Management Consulting, with offices throughout Europe, a highly diverse employee group and a blue chip client base.

Kasia Dybek

Executive Officer

Communications Team

 Hannah Tumpel

Director Communications and Engagement


Polly Akhurst

Senior Community Engagement Officer


Daniela Lipia

Communications Officer

Finance and Administration Team

Willa Geertsema

Director of Finance and Administration

Berianne Coutts

Financial Accountant & Office Coordinator

Sheri Uludag

Office Administrator

cutive Officer

National Committee Development Team

Kate Turner

Director of National Committee Development and Admissions/Deputy Executive Director

Mia Eskelund

Senior Officer, National Committee Development

Emma Dillon

Senior Officer, School and College Development

Jon Warmington

National Committee Development & Admissions Officer

Executive Officer

Fund Development Team

Peter Verhille

Director of International Fund Development

Jane Caldwell

Senior Fund Development Officer


Natalie Gopall

Senior Officer, Major Gift Programmes

Skaiste Lazdauskaite

Fund Development Officer

cutive Officer

UWC Presidents

  • Nelson Mandela
    Nelson Mandela
    Past President
  • Her Majesty Queen Noor of Jordan
    Her Majesty Queen Noor of Jordan

UWC Council

The UWC Council has up to 60 members and meets once a year in October. The UWC Council elects the International Board and discusses issues of strategic, developmental and philosophical significance.

Council members include college heads and chairs, national committee members, UWC alumni and others. 

Any member of the UWC organisation can nominate individuals for membership of the UWC International Board and UWC Council. UWC members are UWC students, alumni, staff members, volunteers, former volunteers or former staff members.

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UWC Patrons

  • Lord Richard Attenborough
    Lord Richard Attenborough
  • Lu Pat Ng
    Lu Pat Ng
  • Antonin Besse
    Antonin Besse
  • Hon. W Galen Weston
    Hon. W Galen Weston
  • Shelby MC Davis
    Shelby MC Davis